My own love of well-made crafts and shiny things led me to open this online boutique, You Deserve This Design.

It all started at my kitchen table! One evening, my daughter was modeling a few bracelets she made in her dorm, explaining that I would really enjoy jewelry making.  

Boy, oh boy, was she right!  

Being completely absorbed in the flow of jewelry design for hours after my ‘real’ job, what started out as a relaxing therapeutic hobby has since rooted itself and bloomed into a small business.  

Initially, I created pieces that made me happy. Soon friends, relatives, and co-workers admiring them would inquire about a certain necklace or earring set I was wearing, and gradually, I began gifting or selling them.

Kathy O’Shell,
Owner & Designer

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Not long after, I was asked to make a few custom jewelry pieces, eventually dabbling in a collection of wedding party designs.  

Around 2012, my good friend Mary invited me to attend a few craft shows with her. After that, creating jewelry became an exciting ride! We attended several craft shows each fall/winter and enjoyed meeting fellow crafters and enthusiastic customers.

To reach more art lovers than my hometown and surrounding counties, I decided opening this online boutique would be the next exciting adventure.

So welcome to my new online boutique filled with handcrafted jewelry pieces, photography, papercutting, and handmade crafts. Please explore, shop, and share our beautiful pieces.

I hope you find something that is just right for YOU! Why? Because you deserve it!