Q | What is the best way to clean my jewelry?

A | After each wear, use a clean, dry cloth to wipe any portion of the jewelry that was in direct contact with your skin.
To remove a tarnished appearance on silver plated pieces, use a polishing cloth, which can be found for purchase at local fine jewelry stores or on Amazon.com. Never use silver polish paste or liquid on plated jewelry, it will remove that layer and you’ll be left with the base metal underneath!

Q | How should I store my jewelry?

A | While jewelry boxes may look attractive on your dresser, they are not ideal for storing necklaces. It’s best to hang necklaces to prevent snarls and chain knotting.

Any type jewelry should be covered or, in the case of sterling silver, sealed from air and dust. I have a picture frame wall unit that is velvet lined and closes, it offers hanging loops, earring holes, and bracelet bars that offer ample space for storing my jewelry. I don’t recommend the wall-mounted displays with open hangers, as your unworn pieces will collect dust and dirt that is difficult to remove from fashion jewelry.

Storing jewelry at room temperature is also best, as an attic and basement storage can promote moisture or extreme heat, which will affect finishes.

Q | What is your shipping procedure?

A | USPS will deliver your selection in superior padded packaging. I send orders within 3-5 business days of when it was placed.

Q | Do you create or collaborate on custom jewelry pieces?

A | Yes, I love to collaborate on custom pieces! I approach these on a case by case basis, and you can contact me regarding a custom piece via my contact form.

The more precise you are in describing exactly what you are envisioning, the better I can deliver on that vision. Weddings are usually handled with fabric swatches sent to me, to ensure your colors are exact.

Q | How often do you release new fine art or photography pieces?

A | This is an exciting new endeavor for me. I have always loved landscape photography and gifted family and friends with my work, but only recently I have felt confident enough to bare my soul to a new audience. I will be loading my first framed photography by December 2019, with the crafts and Scherenschnitte (German paper cutting designs) to follow in the coming months.

Q | Is your jewelry available in retail stores?

A | Hopefully soon! By summer 2020, I hope to be stocked in a few select shops in North Carolina. When the details are ironed out, I will make an announcement! You can follow me on Facebook and Instagram to see behind the scenes and find out the latest news!